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Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack
Phocus Sample Pack

Phocus Sample Pack

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A starter pack to start Chicago up.

If you’re looking for a tasty refreshment that not only quenches your thirst — but also gives you a refreshing boost of energy and focus — you just found it. And to make it easy for you to buy and try our delicious sparkling water, we’re offering Chicago this customizable starter pack.

Clean, jitter-free energy.

What good is having energy if you’re too tweaked to think straight? The magic of Phocus is that our drinks are naturally caffeinated with caffeine from tea and thoughtfully balanced with L-theanine to keep you calm and alert.

A tasteful way to quench.

Each of our flavors have been specially formulated to taste really, really good. They’re not too sweet and not too subtle. They’re just right.

No calories. No carbs. No kidding.

It’s sparkling water and it’s supposed to be healthy, so we’d never pollute it with sugar or sweeteners that would only add calories and carbs.

Don’t take our word for it. Take our customers’.

Blood orange was the first flavor I tried, and I keep coming back for more. It’s light and gives me amental boost after long ours at work.


The flavor is subtle and not overly sweet like other apple flavored sparkling waters. Like oter Phocus flavors, this hits the spot!

Laura P.

I bought the trial pack for my wife to taste and be something different to coffee in the morning. She really liked most of the flavors. We will definitely buy more soon.

Justin J.

Great taste, "filling" and give me the energy I need to make it to the gym after work! No jitters though!!!

Amanda A.